living connect & Danfoss Link

  • Wireless control for your customers, more business for you

    With living connect and Danfoss Link, your customers get the ultimate in flexible heating control - from one central point in the house. Using wireless Z- wave, the system links all the living connect thermostats in a house or apartment. Customers can, of course, still control heating from room to room. The system is designed for ease-of-use - with an intuitive LED- display on living connect and a color touchscreen on Danfoss Link.

  • Danfoss Link - 1 point of control

  • Ideal for both new-builds and renovation

    living connect® and Danfoss Link™ offers a contemporary, minimalist design that is ideal for both new-builds and renovations.

    Up to 300 m2

    Working together as a programmable wireless heating control system, living connect® and Danfoss Link™ are suitable for single-family homes up to 300 m2.

    Complete flexibility

    For complete flexibility, heating can be controlled from one central point or room by room – whichever you prefer.

  • living connect product features:

    – frost protection
    – valve exercise function
    – PID control
    – battery life time two years
    – warnings: “low battery” and “no signal”
    – variable setback in steps of 0.5°C 
    – max./min. limitation
    – child lock
    – open-window function
    – backlit display

  • Danfoss Link product features:

    – central heating control of entire house
    – simple user interface
    – colour touch-screen
    – timeless minimalist design
    – weekly heating schedule
    – away function
    – comfort mode
    – frost protection
    – control of on/off devices
    – integrated help function
    – personalised settings

  • Danfoss Link & living connect installation guide

  • Control your entire heating system

    Danfoss Link can control a whole range of devices, including radiator thermostats, hydronic and electric floor heating devices and heat pumps. Because all elements in the system come from Danfoss, they are fully compatible and very simple to install.


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